Erwhi Hedgehog

Erwhi at the Edge

main features

Open source and open hardware

You can build your own Erwhi Hedgheog.  It is completely open source under MIT license.

Robotics focused

You can easily achieve state-of-art navigation and object detection.


ROS based

Erwhi Hedgehog uses a standard ROS stack, so every ROS software is compatible.

Unlimited upgrades

Erwhi Hedgehog is easily upgradeable and customizable.


ROS Kinetic Kame

Erwhi is an open source project about advanced robotics.
The mission is to achieve an acceleration in robotics development and study, so it is based on the most used robotic framework.

ROS allows to connect lots of different sensors, easily customize hardware and develop complex algorithms.


UP Squared

Erwhi Hedgehog is based on powerful UP Squared Atom x7.
This SBC is powerful enough to run locally a full autonomous navigation, show data, connect to cloud, etc.

A custom ROS package is developed, so GPIOs, LEDs and other peripherihals of UP Squared can be easily used.


Sengi carrier board

Sengi is the smallest and fastest rodent.
The Sengi carrier board is a very small board based on STM32F103.
This board contains motor controller with feedback, battery monitor system and a powerful dcdc.

Sengi hardware is programmable using STM32 Cube MX, mbed, Arduino and supports FreeRTOS.  A ROS node based on ROS Control stack is provided.


Intel RealSense Depth camera

Vision is powered by Intel Realsense Depth camera D435.
It allows Erwhi to navigate, explore and take a look around without using other sensors, such as lidars.
The main core of Erwhi is the perfect join of Realsense camera and RTABmap SLAM.


Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence tasks are executed on Intel Movidius Myriad X chip.
AI Core X and Intel OpenVINO are used.
A custom ROS wrapper was implemented.

Gazebo Simulation

Erwhi Hedgehog can be simulated in Gazebo Simulator.


AWS RoboMaker

Erwhi software is fully compatible with AWS RoboMaker, GreenGrass and Cloudwatch.



If you want to build or try Erwhi check this kit!
It contains all components required to build your robot based on Erwhi Hedgehog.

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