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My latest design in mobile robotics.



ERWHI is an open source small SLAM robot.  It integrates some human interaction features and machine learning capabilities.

It works on ROS on an Odroid XU4 and Intel Realsense R200 as vision sensor.
Motors are controlled by uNav and uuBridge (a custome uBridge).

To achieve a perfect dynamics study, a special node was created using STM32-Nucleo and MPU9250.

Motors Control

Motors control is based on uNav board.
It's completely compatible with R.O.S.
40x40mm for 2 DC motors speed and torque controls.
front view


uuBridge is a custom motor bridge due original uBridge for uNav as an incompatible voltage (it works over 8V and ERWHI motors are powered at +5V).

The prototype works on DVR8833 by Texa Instruments.

In the near future I migrate to STM STSPIN240.


I shaped a custom encoder kit adapting AMS AS5134 hall effect rotary encoder to Pololu 1000:1 microgearmotors.

You have ABI output and PWM output.  Also programming port is exposed.

ST IMU node


After Maker Faire Rome 2017, I added a RPlidarA1.  It allows ERWHI to take a better SLAM.

Lidar is a present by Alessandro Francescon of Geduino Foundation.

IMU node

It simply use a STM32 Nucleo F303 board and an Invense MPU9250 to calculate robot dynamics.

ST IMU node
December 19th 2017 updates video.  Autonomous navigation with SLAM.


Officine Robotiche

Officine Robotiche is a no-profit association based in Rome about robotic buildings and competitions.

Neapolis Innovation

Neapolis Innovation is an association founded by some factories, e.g. STMicroelectronics, and Universities in Campania (Italy).

KATODO is a friendly eCommerce website.  You can find every stuffs you need to build your own robot.


Geduino Foundation (aka Gesuino)

Geduino is a project by Alessandro Francescon.
Alessandro donated a broken lidar to be mounted and tested on ERWHI.


The team in the PRISMA Lab (Projects of Robotics for Industry and Services, Mechatronics and Automation) operates in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of University of Naples Federico II and Consortium CREATE, where since 30 years is committed to research in robotics and automation.