a small robotic masterpiece


About Erwhi

ERWHI is an open source small SLAM robot. It integrates some human interaction features and machine learning capabilities.

Actually there are 4 version.
The first one is a really simple robot.

Starting from version 2, often called simply ERWHI, robots are designed to be highly integrated with ROS.
Depth vision system is also included.
Robots are fully autonomous.

Project Mission

  1. Small -  You can bring an Erwhi in a backpack and travel with it.  So it is ideal for faires or conferences.
  2. Autonomous - Erwhi is designed to be full autonomous and all softwares can be executed without support of any other computer.
  3. Powerful  - Erwhi is designed to test algorithms of machine learning, navigation and robotics behaviours for collaborative environments.  Erwhi allows you to test software that generally is executed on big industrial robots.
  4. Open and Simple - Erwhi is open source and open hardware and try to let everything simple.  In this way Erwhi project try to accelerate development for roboticists.


March 2017


First Erwhi designed.
Low performance hardware was used and only a webcam is used as vision sensor.

December 2017

Erwhi 2

First Erwhi with ROS.
2D Lidar based navigation stack.
Odroid XU4 is used as main board and unav motor controller. 

February 2018

Erwhi x UP

This version was created to test UP Squared capabilities with Erwhi design.
It was shown ar Embedded World 2018 by AAEON.

October 2018

Erwhi Hedgehog

The best Erwhi ever created.  Fully open source and open hardware.
State-of-art navigation and vision ai achieved.
The main core is composed by UP Squared, Intel Realsense D435 and Ai Core X.
Mechanical parts can be 3d printed easily using a Prusa i3 mk3 or other common printers.
Motor control, BMS and power distribution works on Sengi board.

First prototype had been showed to IROS 2018.
Official realease on May 2019



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